You can find many VPN services on the Internet – at least 500 million.  You can also setup your own VPN solution.

I don’t have specific VPS providers for VPNs because…you can setup a VPN on nearly every VPS, and certainly with all the providers recommended on this site.  I’ve used BuyVM, DigitalOcean, Vultr, SecureDragon, and CatalystHost for this purpose.

VPN Service Pros

  • Better anonymity since you’re pooled in with thousands of strangers.  That’s the real consideration here.  If you just want encryption and to control where you appear on the Internet (vs your ISP’s DHCP) for security or other reasons, then you don’t really need a service.  But if anonymity is important to you, a VPN service is preferable.
  • Many points of presence for you to choose from, and usually you can switch to any of them with a mouse click
  • Often a custom desktop client

VPN Service Cons

  • Probably poorer performance than using your own VPN
  • Significantly higher cost


  • More bandwidth
  • Cheaper cost
  • Probably better performance, since you have a dedicated system
  • You pick the network point of presence
  • You’re assured you always have the same IP (if that’s what you want)


  • Far less anonymity
  • If you want another network location, you have to buy another VPS
  • You have to set it up yourself, though it’s not hard
  • You need your own client.  There are free ones.  I like Viscosity which is not free but pretty cheap.