Seedbox Providers

This is a specialized market, for a couple reasons:

  • Seedboxes have their own performance characteristics that aren’t representative of VPSes in general.  They are I/O hogs and have a lot of crazy network performance, both in sustained throughput, number of simultaneous connections, and protocol overhead from clients timing out, etc.
  • Seedbox users are looking for more enlightened, less restrictive legal environments.

You’ve got a few options.

Generic VPS Providers

Some VPS providers, due to their legal jurisdiction, can offer good seedbox platforms.  BuyVM has stated on LET that they don’t mind torrenting.  The problem here is more around performance – it’s easy to burn IOPS on a VPS doing bittorrent.  But perhaps one of BuyVM’s new dedicated slices…?

Other providers to consider in this space are

  • (Romania).  Nowhere near the stature of BuyVM but they’ve gone after the seedbox VPS market.  They’re cheap and I’ve had my share of issues but, well, they’re cheap.  Read recent LET threads if you decide to go here.
  • MikroVPS (Hungary) plays in this space, but I personally have not used them, though some have recommended them highly.

Search LowEndTalk for coupons/offers.


Kimsufi is a French provider that rides atop OVH.  They’re known for their very cheap boxes – e.g., an Atom N2800 for 5EUR/mo.  I’ve never had any issue using Kimsufi as a seedbox…though network between North America and my seedbox was another matter.  I don’t know the arrangements, and someone who analyzed it on LET a few years ago said it was probably the peering arrangement between my ISP and OVH.

For 5EUR or 10EUR a month, who cares.

Dedicated Seedbox Providers

Now we’re talking.  Services that are built for this kind of action.  Some advantages:

  • They do this for a living, so they know how to tweak clients, networks, etc.
  • They’ll pre-configure things for you…not that setting up rutorrent is that hard, but then you get into plugins and all the options, etc.  Depends if you’re the sort who wants just-works or the sort who likes the tinker.

There are a couple different kinds of seedbox providers:

  • Shared accounts, where essentially you’re getting a shell account and rutorrent.  I’ve used PulsedMedia and have been quite pleased.  I wrote an extended review of their service on LET.
  • Dedicated accounts, where you’re getting either a VPS or a dedicated server.  These systems have all the bells and whistles: many apps, often available to turn on/off as you wish.  Because you have more horsepower, you can run Plex, CouchPotato, etc.

I have not used a dedicated seedbox provider yet, but RapidSeedbox is on my horizon.  If nothing else, you should sign up for their 5-day “seedbox course” – it’s good intro material.  A discount of 50% off first month shouldn’t be hard to find.