Managed VPS

With a managed VPS, you are either turning over the keys to the kingdom entirely to your provider (you don’t get root), or sharing root.  Often, the provider locks things down either contractually or technically.  For example, they may require you to use cPanel, which also locks you into CentOS.  That’s not bad if your main goal is to focus on your web sites.  There are specialty providers who specialize on gaming sites, or forums, or other niches.  Expect to pay $30/mo+ for a true managed VPS, which should include 24×7 support and hand-holding.

One of my favorites in this space, WiredTree, was recently acquired by Site5, so they’ve been moved to the graveyard.


“The best known host…”  OK, their lame marketing pun aside, KnownHost was rock solid for me over a period of a couple years.  They are focused on web hosting, so typically you’d get a beefy VPS with cPanel/WHM.

KnownHost claims to have the best uptime in the industry…you can evaluate that, but it is certainly very high.  I can verify they do provide the hand-holding support promised.  And add-ons like WHMCS and cPanel/WHM are very cheap.

A couple provisos:

  • It’s a Virtuozzo-based Linux VM.  You won’t care if you’re working at the web layer but just FYI.
  • No adult content.
  • You should get at least a permanent 15% discount – search WHT if you need a code.

If you need a managed VPS, I can say from personal experience that KnownHost is a solid choice.