Hosts I’ve used in the past, but won’t be using in the future.


Is 6sync still in operation?  When they were first around, they were smokin’ fast machines and I had a few nice chats with Mario.  They were a 2-man operation and I really enjoyed my time there.  But I haven’t seen them on WHT or advertising in ages, and Mario seems to be pursuing other interests.  Alas.






Ugh.  Horrible support, horrible systems, horrible network.  Eventually absorbed by CC.  I had several boxes there early in my career, mainly because they followed the $15/128/year promo kick and I liked that.  But I regretted it.


Ah, that page brings back memories.  Crappy provider from Scranton, PA.  They had promos that were sometimes interesting, but you’d login to the box and there’d be a long pause after your password…yeah, oversold to hell and back.  I forget why went out of business…I think one of their big dedi customers went belly up and it was collateral damage.





They briefly interested me as their DC was very close.  But then I tried them, and I was no longer interested.  Appalling systems with fractional IOPS and I swear the memory was 100% swapped out.





ThrustVPS (aka DamnVPS)

The only good thing I can say about Thrust is that their web site was cool.  There was a period where every single freakin’ web hosting web site looking the same…a ton still do, but I remember Thrust’s as really standing out.  Alas, their systems were garbage.






RIP, WiredTree.  I really liked these guys, who were a managed hosting competitor to KnownHost et al.  They had some neat hybrid offerings, where you could get dedicated virtual cores.  Their security setup was very sharp.  And they were the only host that’s ever called me to confirm an order and verify I placed it.  Alas, swallowed by Site5.