This site contains my opinionated advice about various VPS and other service providers.

Basic Rules

  • I have used all of the providers discussed herein personally, and in many cases am still using them.
  • I do not work for any of these providers.  Where possible, I link herein with my affiliate code (why not?) but I also recommend sites with no affiliate program.
  • You’d be amazed how many providers I’ve never heard of who approach me and say “would you like a free VPS for a month so you can write a review?” That’s not the point of this site. All of the experience I share is based on a long-term relationship.  I don’t do the traditional “wget bench.sh && bash bench.sh” style of reviews.  I’m just sharing my personal recommendations here.


  • There are many fine providers who are not listed here.
  • I only use Linux and *BSD VPSes, so I don’t have Windows experience to share.
  • I’m an American and hence I tend to use North American hosts.