Looking for a VPS?

I’ve used many providers over the years and am happy to share my recommendations for the good ones and some general advice on how to avoid the bad ones.  What kind of advice do you need?

Or maybe you want some advice on how to manage your VPS.

This site contains my opinionated advice about various VPS and other service providers.

Basic Rules

  • I have used all of the providers discussed herein personally, and in many cases am still using them.
  • I do not work for any of these providers.  Where possible, I link herein with my affiliate code (why not?) but I also recommend sites with no affiliate program.
  • You’d be amazed how many providers I’ve never heard of who approach me and say “would you like a free VPS for a month so you can write a review?” That’s not the point of this site. All of the experience I share is based on a long-term relationship.  I don’t do the traditional “wget bench.sh && bash bench.sh” style of reviews.  I’m just sharing my personal recommendations here.


  • There are many fine providers who are not listed here.
  • I only use Linux and *BSD VPSes, so I don’t have Windows experience to share.
  • I’m an American and hence I tend to use North American hosts.